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How does Eschatology fit into my daily life?

Inaugurated Eschatology is one of the most fundamental theological frameworks in Scripture. It is grounded in Old Testament eschatology, but flourishes into life as Jesus begins his earthly ministry. Inaugurated Eschatology will change the way you read Scripture and think through Kingdom living.

Course Outline:

  • Intro to Inaugurated Eschatology
  • Old Testament Eschatological Foundations
  • The Precursor to Jesus (John the Baptizer)
  • The Arrival of Jesus
  • The Temptations of Jesus
  • Jesus and the Kingdom of God
  • Jesus and the Parables
  • Jesus and the Signs
  • Old Testament Expectations Revisited
  • Personal and Practical Implications for Kingdom Living
  • The Consummation of the Ages


Connect the Old to the New

Inaugurated Eschatology is a biblical-theological concept that interweaves Scripture into a tangible tapestry of Kingdom and fulfillment.

Handling Tough Topics Well

Should Christians observe Sabbath? Why do we keep on sinning? Will we ever be perfectly holy on earth? All of these questions are connected to Inaugurated Eschatology.

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