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How should we interpret the Bible?

Hermeneutics seeks to answer the question of "how do we read our bibles well?" Learning to read our bibles well is central to answering the big theological, ethical, and cultural questions of our day. It's also vital to our relationship with God - ensuring we understand Him for who He is, who we are, and what living in His world looks like.

Course Lectures:

  • What is the Bible? 
  • What is Hermeneutics?
  • Biblical and Cultural Context
  • Old Testament Genres
  • New Testament - Gospels
  • New Testament - Acts
  • New Testament - Epistles
  • New Testament - Apocalyptic
  • Authorial Intent (In Action)


Explore Biblical Genre

Not every book of the Bible should be interpreted the same way. Every genre in Scripture deserves to be interpreted according to it's literary intent. 

Ancient Contexts

Each of these lectures will explore the various biblical and contextual backgrounds that give us direction in exploring what the biblical authors are doing.

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