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How then should we live?

Embodiment is defined as the tangible expression of an idea, quality, or feeling. For followers of Jesus, this means living and loving in the way that He has called us to. It's about bridging the gap between our head and our hearts and teaching our minds and bodies to be committed to Jesus and His Kingdom.

Course Lectures:

  • Introduction to Embodied
  • Theological Anthopology
  • Introduction to Moral Philosophy
  • From Theological to Perspectival
  • Embodied Light
  • Embodied Love
  • Embodied Wisdom
  • Embodied Relationships
  • Embodied Sacrifice
  • Embodied Empowerment
  • Embodied Worship
  • Embodied Honesty
  • Embodied Imagers
  • Embodied God

What's up with the Body

Evangelicals have typically ignored a theology of the body that informs our living, and we've seen adverse affect across culture from it. This course reverses that motion by steeping within embodied theology.

Morals, Ethics, and Kingdom Living

As Christians we're salt and light in the darkness, and yet most of us do not have comprehensive perspectives for ethics and morals when it comes living in the Kingdom.

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