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An Introduction to
Systematic Theology...

Systematic Theology is the study of God, Scripture, and all those topics there within. It is the study of divine things, given and revealed to us in Scripture and creation. Throughout this multi-series course, we will cover all the various facets of theology of God, Scripture, Christ, the Spirit, the Church, and so much more.

Course Lectures:

  • Prolegomena
  • God
    • The Divine Name
    • The Divine Nature
    • Trinity
    • God's Existence and Reality
    • The Divine Character
    • Providence, Sovereignty, and Theodicy
    • Interlude: Is God Male?
  • Revelation: General and Special Revelation
  • Scripture
    • Tastes, Textures, and Tools
    • Canon and Inspiration
    • Inerrancy, Infallibility, and Trustworthiness
    • Authority, Clarity, Necessity, Sufficiency

What is Systematic Theology?

This course includes an introductory lecture that will set the stage for 3 more courses after it. We'll detail out exactly what Systematic Theology is, and why it's so important. 

About God

Systematic 1 begins with the foundational doctrines of God--his nature, providence, character, trinity, sovereignty, his names, etc.

What is Revelation?

Part of Sys 1 dives into the differences between general and special revelation, as well as some recent controversies within the Christian sphere.

About Scripture

Lastly, this course will spend a few lectures on various doctrines of Scripture--inerrancy, infallibility, trustworthiness, clarity, authority, sufficiency, necessity.

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