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Take Your Knowledge and Skills Deeper...

This introductory course on Biblical Greek is designed to get your feet wet in the language and world of the NT. It's not a full course on grammar and syntax--it's the fundamental basics of what you need to know in order to utilize and harness the basics of Greek in your bible studies. 

Course Lectures:

  • Introduction to Biblical Greek 001
  • The World and Language of the New Testament
  • Learning the Alphabet
  • Learning Pronounciation
  • Practice Reading: John 1:1-5
  • Green Nouns
  • Greek Verbs Part 1: Person, Number, Mood, Voice
  • Greek Verbs Part 2: Tense and Aspect
  • Advanced Terminology
  • Understanding Semantics and Exegetical Fallacies
  • Gender Inclusion and the Supposed Liberal Downgrade
  • Using Greek in Word Studies
  • Using Greek Resources (Free)
  • Where do We Go From Here?

The Cultural Contexts of the NT

We'll take a look at the backgrounds of the Greek NT, and the various cultural influences that merged to characterize these texts.

Basics - Alphabet and Pronounciation

We'll cover the basics of the alphabet, pronunciation, and even practice reading John 1 together in Koine Greek!

Grammar and Syntax Overviews

We'll cover the basic categories of nouns and verbs to familiarize yourself with the concepts within Greek Grammar and Syntax.

Exegetical Issues and Greek Word Studies

At the end of the course, we'll walk through some major exegetical fallacies, issues in translation, and how to utilize Greek in Word Studies.

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