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The backbone of all of Scripture...

What is the big story of the bible? How does God relate to Humanity? What is God's purpose with the world? Central to answering these questions correctly is understanding the "Covenants" in our bibles. This lecture series will walk you through, in depth, the 6 main covenants of the biblical narrative, and give you new eyes to see who God is, who you are, and what His purpose is for His world.

Course Lectures:

  • Setting Foundations
  • Other Views of Kingdom and Covenants
  • Working Towards the Biblical Narrative
  • The Adamic Covenant
  • The Noahic Covenant
  • The Abrahamic Covenants
  • The Mosaic Covenant
  • The Davidic Covenant
  • The New Covenant Part 1: OT Prophecies
  • The New Covenant Part 2: NT Realities
  • New Covenant Applications

Covenantal Prolegomena

The first section of lectures sets the initial contexts for our discussion of the covenants of Scripture. Aspects of Kingdom, Providence, and Agency all converge into God's covenants.

Comparative Viewpoints

So many theological differences begin from this topic of covenants. In this course we'll tackle a spectrum of views from dispensationalism to covenantalism, and how they appropriate the biblical covenants. 

Biblical Overview

Throughout this course we'll walk through the biblical foundations for each of the covenants God makes with humanity, as well as the effects those covenants have on later biblical texts. 

Getting Practical

We'll spend some time talking about the relevance of the covenants to Christians living in the new covenants, as well as practical outworkings of loving in God's Kingdom within God's covenants.

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