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An Introduction to
Biblical Theological Studies...

This course is an introductory walkthrough foundational themes and various perspectives in biblical theology. We'll spend some time defining and building a robust definition for biblical theology, as well as setting criteria for the task of biblical theology. From there, we'll survey five differing perspectives in biblical theological studies. We'll close by applying those biblical theological perspectives to some of the biggest issues and topics in biblical theology.

Course Lectures:

  • Introduction to Biblical Theology
  • What is Biblical Theology?
  • Big Questions in Biblical Theology
  • Biblical Theology 1: Historical Description
  • Biblical Theology 2: Redemptive Historical
  • Biblical Theology 3: World-View Story
  • Biblical Theology 4: Canonical Approach
  • Biblical Theology 5: Theological Construction
  • The Exodus From All 5 Perspectives
  • Further Issues: Christ and the OT
  • Further Issues: The People of God
  • Biblical Theology and the Church

Theological Prolegomena

The first section of lectures sets the initial contexts for our discussion of Biblical Theology. We'll attempt to carve out a definition before jumping into advanced discussions.

Comparative Viewpoints

This course will overview 5 main biblical theological categories, guiding hermeneutic perspectives, that every biblical theology operates within. It'll give you a better understanding of Scripture as well as the books you read.

The Big Questions of Bib Theo

There are 4 guiding questions that every biblical theologian must answer, either explicitly or implicitly. We'll walk through those four questions showing how various answers end up constructing various methodology.

Getting Practical

We'll spend a lot of time applying what we learn to themes like Exodus, Christ in the OT, the People of God, as well as the importance for biblical theology and the Church.

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