About the Creators


Jacob is a local pastor in Southern California, husband of 8 years, and father to Eli (5) and Emery (3).

He is the creator of @awriterandtheword, as well as co-founder of Imago. Jacob has been involved in local church discipleship for over 15 years. He has a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies and an MA in Bible Exposition w/ MDiv equivalency.

Jacob spends his time with a book, with his family, or visiting local parks and lakes.


Josh hails from the great white north. He's been married for 5 years.

He is founder of @swordandpencil, co-founder of Imago. He has a BSc Hons in Physics, an MA in Theological Studies, and has experience leading discipleship ministries for over a decade.

Josh spends his days doing what all the greats do - reading, writing, drawing, climbing, and stirring proverbial pots.

Statement of Faith

All of our Imago Teachers abide by a common statement of faith--you can read it HERE.
Beyond these tenets of orthodoxy, we value theological diversity and thus represent voices from different perspectives and theological traditions within Christian orthodoxy.
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